I am a well traveled lady of mixed descent. Originally from the UK I have spent most of my life in Canada and have lived in many parts of the country. I enjoy doing many things. My yoga practice is one. Going for hikes is wonderful, I really like to find my own trails especially on a mountain, of which there is an abundance here. Music and dancing are also a must!

Since I can remember I have had a passion to connect with people. My studies in psychology, philosophy and wellness counseling have helped hone my natural ability to do so.
Being active in the healing community is something I do also. Transformative breath-work and tantra workshops are at the top of my list, alongside oneness meditations. There are so many modalities one can explore in the healing world. This makes it very fun and not so much like healing "work" when there is such an array of choices.

I have a deep love for my tantra practice. To sum up what tantra means to me is really quite simple. It means self love -- from a place of self love and awareness, one can meet the other and that is where the weaving comes to play, the joining. That is just my own personal experience with it. My session gives us the room to play in such a way together. I will have essential oils on hand if you wish to try a sensual aromatic massage. Soft zen music in the background also. I am here to offer a deeply sensual and equally playful time together.

I will bring everything I know that makes me unique to our meeting and be ready to share with you. My wish is that we get to share an amazing time together. One that goes as deep as it needs or as light and playful as it can be. Either way there will always be a mixing of the two,


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Age: 24
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Shape: 36D-27-38 Natural
Hair: dark chocolate brown
Eyes: espresso

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