10 Tips for Clients


When you are having an appointment with an Intimacy Coach, check out our tips below to make your session as successful as possible.

1. No surprises – make sure we know as much as possible beforehand; this includes if your care worker will be at home for the appointment, what kinds of equipment you’ll need help with, any speech difficulties, a fetish you are anxious to try, and so on. We are non-judgemental. The more we know, the better the session will be.

2. You are polite and respectful.

3. Your body is thoroughly fresh and clean. Don’t be offended if the coach checks you for infections or asks you to shower.

4. You are not drunk or high.

5. You both agree to the service you are hoping to achieve during the session. You may be asked to sign a waiver.

6. You recognize that each coach has different skills and limitations/boundaries.

7. Be relaxed. Do not expect too much and keep your head. It is not a love affair and however pleasant the contact is, remember it is a professional service.

8. A visit may not be perfect. You may be unfamiliar with each other. Take this into account and don’t expect too much. Remember, you can always ask for a different coach next time.

9. Provide feedback to us. We appreciate knowing what’s going well and what isn’t.

10.Your coach is a professional therefore he or she cannot share their personal information with you at any time. Nor can the coach visit or see you in their non-working hours. Please do not ask them for their private contact information.

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