What’s A Coach?

shieldWho are Sensual Solutions Coaches?

Our coaches are hetrosexual, bisexual, gay and lesbian women and men who are sex educators, tantra teachers, love coaches, sacred sensuality guides, sensual artists and everyday women and men who want to make a difference in the lives of others such as yourself.

Some of them started as health professionals, counselors or massage therapists and expanded the sensual element of their work. Some came from other disciplines and chose this work after years of personal exploration and self-actualization. The practices vary but what is common is the confidence in the power of experience.

shieldAre they trained?

Many of the Intimacy Coaches are accepted by Sensual Solutions because they have education in healing modalities, therapies and body work. Some have completed various training and certification for tantric practices and erotic education. Others have learned their skills through years of personal exploration. Our organization actively promotes continuing education in a variety of health care practices.

shieldWhat happens in a session?

Many of our coaches combine a variety of approaches and assistance. Every provider chooses her/his own form of work, and what they will do or not do in any given session. There is absolutely no way to guarantee any specific activity, however the goal is to bring you to an oasis of pleasure. It is far more helpful to know your intention for a session – what you hope to learn or gain – than it is to pre-plan your activity. When you request an appointment, one of our staff will call you to discuss your expectations and sexual health goals.

shieldWhat can you learn in a session that you can’t get from a book or DVD?

Having a personal experience with someone who’s open-minded and non-judgemental can make all the difference in the world. By guiding and giving support and feedback, they are able to take you into experiences that may be hard to find without it. That’s what we do.  We offer affectionate skin to skin experiences – something you won’t get from a book.

shieldDo coaches offer phone or online chat?

Some of them offer an instant messaging service via our website. Direct phone service to them is currently not available.

shieldHow do you make an appointment?

Call our office to reserve one of our caring coaches or simply click here to fill out a House Call Request form.

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