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wandSex and disability need more open discussions – and more solutions. Your service is a much needed one!”“.
Diana Wiley, Ph.D. – Board-Certified Sex Therapist, Seattle, WA

wandI loved spending time with Lexi. First off she is very beautiful, sweet and caring. Second, I felt very comfortable with her. She really boosted my self esteem and I gained my confidence back. She was wonderful!“.
John, East Vancouver, BC

Hugging the Intimacy Coach

wandPlease tell Nico what a joy it was to meet her. A truly wonderful personal and sensual connection with a unique woman. I’m still glowing. Thank you so much for helping make this possible.

wandLittle Mei-lee is such a sweetheart. She is such a genuine, caring person. So tiny but so full of life. Thank you for arranging a session for us..
Randy, Surrey

wandWe are so happy to have seen Quinn and Taryn together. They helped us out (both disabled and engaged) immensely and were both so knowledgable (sic) and sweet. We have lots to practise!.
Allan and Megan, New West

wandI felt a very profound connection with Taryn; she is incredibly gifted and truly sees the beauty in everyone.“.Lance, Vancouver

wandThanks for linking me with the services of Lucy. She is a very sensitive and caring person and is a skilled practitioner in every sense of the word. You are fortunate in having her as a member of your team.”“.
Edward, Coquitlam

wandJanna is a wonderful lady…The loneliness of not having anyone touch you with any kind of intimacy (the opposite, rather) for years, becomes a debilitating and crushing force… I know, until this year, I hadn’t kissed a girl on the lips for 24 years. So again, I thank you.“.
Mike, Langley

wandI would like to say thank you! Scarlet is an amazing lady and I had great fun with her. I am so happy to have this service available“.
Walter, New Westminster

Sex Ed

wandI just wanted to let you know that my fiancé and I had an amazing session with Zara. She is truly beautiful inside and out. She was really friendly, caring, easy to get along with, and not once did I feel like my disability was an issue at all. Thank you again for having such a wonderful business!.
Dave, West Vancouver

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