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This site is a directory of women and men whose professional practices involve a combination of sensuality, communication, and intimacy. Services listed here focus on hands-on experiences and erotic energy work. The intention of a Sensual Solutions experience is to deepen the heart and meaning of intimacy and to awaken, the natural connections between body and mind. And to retrain, or rewire new connections between body and mind through erotic education. Intention is the key here, more so than a particular activity. The activity is chosen to spark and support the intention and attitude of the client. A sensual approach counters the common idea that sensuality is bad or unworthy of serious attention.

Why does this topic make people so uncomfortable? It is a taboo subject to discuss with parents, society, religion. Made into a dirty and negative thing by media, these are the same reasons that people with disabilities are scared or unable to deal with their feelings appropriately. With open discussion, people can deal with their feelings in a healthy and responsible way. A large part of growing up is independence, including what one does with their own body – adults with disabilities are not exempt from this.

shieldWhere there’s a wheel, there’s a way!

shieldWhat do we do?

We guide you in erotic explorations that develop your skills, enrich your life and expand your consciousness. We each bring unique training and experience, and tailor our skills to your needs.

Some activities and services you are likely to find are:

And for physically challenged couples (all of the above and):

shieldCuddle & Coffee

If you are nervous or shy then a caring cuddle may be a great way to start on your sensual journey. Whether in your home or out for coffee, our coaches will be happy to wrap themselves around you and keep you cozy and safe. Snuggle up, breathe deeply and relax in the warm embrace of an Intimacy Coach.

shieldSensual Massage

In body work, touch is one way and attention is on you, with nothing to give back. Our coaches offer many kinds of body work, including sensual massage, energy work and more. Our work is classified as non-therapeutic so you may be offered sensual touch or a body rub as our coaches are not licensed registered massage therapists. Sensual massage focuses on pleasure as opposed to working on a particular muscle problem or therapy. The experience of sinking into deep pleasure can be healing, restorative and transforming.

shieldIntimacy Coaching and Assistance

This is not a technique, but a focus on your desire to learn. Activities may range from talking, to body work, to skills coaching, to sensual play. Our coaches combine talking with hands-on experience, in whatever way the two of you agree will best meet your needs. This combination is an invaluable service. Like other forms of coaching, sensual or intimacy coaching focuses on skills – self awareness, communication, boundaries and limits, and skills for touch and intimacy.


Tantra is both an approach to life and a spiritual practice emphasizing physical experience. American, or Western Tantra, also called Neo-Tantra, teaches a set of practices to deepen erotic experience and use sensual energy as a ‘rocket fuel’ for spiritual growth and intimacy.

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