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10 Tips for Clients

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shield10 Top Tips for Our Clients

When you are having an appointment with an Intimacy Coach, check out our tips below to make your session as successful as possible.

shield1. No surprises – make sure we know as much as possible beforehand; this includes if your care worker will be at home for the appointment, what kinds of equipment you’ll need help with, any speech difficulties, a fetish you are anxious to try, and so on. We are non-judgemental. The more we know, the better the session will be.

shield2. You are polite and respectful.

shield3. Your body is thoroughly fresh and clean. Don’t be offended if the coach checks you for infections or asks you to shower.

shield4. You are not drunk or high.

shield5. You both agree to the service you are hoping to achieve during the session. You may be asked to sign a waiver.

shield6. You recognize that each coach has different skills and limitations/boundaries.

shield7. Be relaxed. Do not expect too much and keep your head. It is not a love affair and however pleasant the contact is, remember it is a professional service.

shield8. A visit may not be perfect. You may be unfamiliar with each other. Take this into account and don’t expect too much. Remember, you can always ask for a different coach next time.

shield9. Help us improve the service by providing feedback to us. We appreciate knowing what’s going well and what isn’t.

shield10.Your coach is a professional therefore he or she cannot share their personal information with you at any time. Nor can the coach visit or see you in their non-working hours. Please do not ask them for their private contact information.


Cuddling Kills Depression

Cuddle Professionals

Cuddling can awake ‘little inner child’ and you can be happy every day for the rest of your life. ~ Pete Karolewski

Any warm, loving, touch can release oxytocin – hugs, snuggles, holding hands, partner dancing, massage and body work. Neuroscience has confirmed, because of how our brains process information, even thinking about someone who loves us or someone we deeply care for is enough to activate the release of oxytocin in the brain which is very good news as we learn to use the relax and repair quality of oxytocin to re-pair and heal old relational wounds. ~ Tracy Loughridge

A hug is a tiny cuddle. Its good for the moment. Cuddling is to sit extremely close, touching, hugging, shoulder leaning for a sustained period of time.

Nothing beats holding on to someone close. Takes all the bad away of the day as nothing else matters but the moment.

Grab that big hug from the co-worker, your family member, pause to hug that friend. Hug & cuddle yourself first & fore most ( when I learnt to accept hugs, that’s when I finally understood what it is to give and share hugs.~ Johanness Haukkavaara

Always cuddle your kids whenever they ask it may be medicine for anxiety or just reassurance they are special. ~ Belinda Reeves

If you don’t have a human partner, even cuddling a pet can work wonders. ~ Rebecca Ringer

Human touch works wonders. God made us that way. Just keep it Godly. ~ Melanie Price

I do this everyday with my cats and love to feel their energy. It makes me feel good. They want their cuddle time daily. ~ Valerie Simmons

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Springtime in your pants?

springtime sex drive

Birds & the Bees

Happy Spring! If you’re feeling a little #randy, you’re not alone…. warmer weather brings out our biological urges – but that sounds too scientific – I like to think that the warmer weather makes us wear less, giving us more eye candy than usual. Plus, moods are elevated, people seem happier, and passion ignites.

For many of us, we get the hornies but have no one to share with. Pleasure isn’t just for couples. Our brains respond well to our own touch and our own stimulation. One of the best ways to become a good lover is to experiment with your own body and discover what gets your engine revving….

If you need help to access your body, to discover what feels good, to live with passion – please give us a call. Sensual Solution’s intimacy experts are here to help. Conquer your springtime hornys! Remember… birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it….


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